A great speaker can make an average event into something extraordinary. Book Steve Jones to speak at your event, and you'll be your company's rock star.

Speaking Topics

Brand Like a Rock Star

Based on Steve's best-selling marketing book Brand Like a Rock Star, this keynote energizes, entertains, and educates. Through stories, songs, and videos, Steve leaves your team with some key takeaways such as:

* The one thing even more important than quality to your business

* The secret to staying consistent in changing times

* How your company's goals could be putting your success in jeopardy

* How to use your competitor's strengths against them in order to fuel your success

This high-energy presentation will leave your group charged up, and it can be highly-customized to suit any industry, including financial services, entertainment, health care, and tech.

Creating Corporate Culture that Rocks

Collaboration. Creativity. Teamwork. Leadership. All of these hallmarks of great businesses are also the foundations of great rock bands. In this fascinating keynote, Steve will use the examples of legendary musicians to show your organization how to build a rock star culture, with key takeaways like:

* What great leaders can learn from great lead singers

* The missing ingredient in most teams

* The art of turning conflict into success

* What failures and mistakes say about your team

This presentation will help you build companies people love to work for and customers love to associate with.

Sell Like a Rock Star

Every decision is a sales decision. We are all selling. Just like in the music business, there are regular everyday average sales people, and there are rock stars. What makes a rock star? How does someone grow from average to extraordinary? In this keynote, Steve will share:

* The skills rock stars use to turn rejection into fuel for success

* How resiliency and attitude can change music (and business) history

* The step-by-step playbook to revive a rock star's career

This presentation celebrates the reality that we're all sales people. Everyone is selling something, be it a product, an idea, themselves... or even a hit song. 

Rock Star Customer Service

Rock stars don’t have customers. They have crazed, raving fans. In this engaging presentation, Steve will demonstrate how rock stars attract and retain their fans, and show you how to put those practices into play for your business success. Some key takeaways include:

* The key difference between fans and customers, and why fans are so much more valuable to you

* The secret to getting noticed in an incredibly crowded and noisy space

* How stars like Taylor Swift build their fan base one at a time, even when they have millions of fans

* Core strategies to keep your fans coming back for more

This presentation will leave your team prepared to turn casual customers into the kind of fans that rock stars depend on to buy their songs and concert tickets in even the most challenging economy.


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"Steve Jones was by far the biggest hit of the conference. Attendees were asked what the highlight of the conference was for them and the name Steve Jones came up over and over again!"

- Marketing Association of Credit Unions


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