The Rock Star Comeback

It is one of the most powerful stories in movies, books, and music... the comeback. And it has incredible implications for business.

Rock stars simply never give up, No matter what obstacle they are up against, they power on. They believe, beyond any doubt, that greatness is within them. Almost every great rock star story has a point where it looked like all hope was lost, before the right song catapulted the star back into fame. 

What's your favorite rock star comeback?

Meat Loaf is one of rock's great comeback stories. After Bat Out of Hell made him world famous in the winter of 1977-78, Meat Loaf went broke, fell into depression, and suffered a series of poor-selling albums. It seemed like his career was over. When it was rumored that he was working on a Bat Out of Hell sequel, nobody paid much attention. According to his manager, the industry treated it like a joke. But in 1993, sixteen years after his first hit, Meat Loaf went to #1 again with Bat Out of Hell II. The album went to #1 in 28 different countries. Today Meat Loaf continues to tour, record, and collaborate, but for that dark sixteen year period, it looked like that would never be the case.

Aerosmith stands up as one of the best comebacks of all time. After an amazing run in the 70s that gave us "Dream On", "Walk This Way", and numerous other hits, the band splintered. Drugs and infighting put the future of the band in doubt. It took extensive rehab and a call from hip hop giants Run DMC to put things back together. Run DMC was doing a version of "Walk This Way", and wanted Steven Tyler and Joe Perry from Aerosmith to help out. They did, and the remake went even higher on the charts than the original did! Knowing there was still an audience for their music, they went into the studio and created Permanent Vacation in 1987. That album powered their comeback and became their best-selling album in over a decade. 

And more recently, the comeback of Justin Bieber is noteworthy. The Beebs had descended into obnoxious punk status with his behavior, getting arrested for impaired driving, vandalizing a neighbor's home, and other antics. While he was often in the news and continued to sell concert tickets, Justin Bieber wasn't scoring hit songs. With his management team overseeing things, Justin disappeared for almost a year. He wasn't on TMZ or making headlines for bad behavior. Behind the scenes, he was collaborating with credible hitmakers. When the time was right, Justin appeared on "Where RU Now" with Jack U. He then released "What Do You Mean?", a sonic sequel to the previous hit. He has since collaborated with Major Lazer, DJ Khaled, DJ Snake, and Luis Fonzi and Daddy Yankee on "Despacito". He's appeared with Quavo, Chance The Rapper, Lil Wayne, and Bloodpop. These days Justin Bieber is one of music's most consistent hitmakers. 

What rock star comeback story inspires you, and keeps you going through the ebbs and flows of building a great business?