Customer Service is Now Customer Experience

Customer service, as we know it, is dead.

If you're just serving your customers, it's game over. That's because today's customer demands more than service. With more choices than ever before, and pretty much anything delivered to her door in 24 hours with one-click, your customer is seeking more than just plain good old fashioned service.

Rock stars understand this.

Taylor Swift is a master at the customer experience. Her fans dress up in costumes, make signs, and get very, very into it. Taylor gives them more than just a concert... she puts on a total show. Her songs come alive, and Taylor's personal passion comes through.

The fans lucky enough to be invited backstage to meet Taylor get serious treatment. She reviews everyone's picture before the meet-and-greet, so that she can greet her fans by name. When each fan meets Taylor, she gives them her full and undivided attention. She makes every single fan feel special.

I've watched so many fans be disappointed backstage at a concert, finding out that their idol isn't nearly as nice as they hoped. Taylor defies that. She's nicer.

And it takes work. Taylor works at it. Her mom works at it. Her management team works at it. Every night, every fan gets an experience.

Do you give your customers that kind of experience? Use Taylor Swift for your role model, and treat every customer like your very best customer and give them an experience they'll never forget.

PS - the pic in this post is Taylor and my 14 year-old niece who became fast friends backstage.