Understanding Your Brand's Role

Great brands understand their place in the mind of the customer.

Sometime around 1990, The Rolling Stones realized that they were a nostalgia act. Their fans wanted to hear "Satisfaction", "Jumpin' Jack Flash", and "Start Me Up". In the era of grunge and the mainstream rise of hip-hop, The Rolling Stones suddenly sounded out of place on the radio. When they released new music, it wasn't the major event it was a decade earlier.

The Rolling Stones have only released four studio albums since 1989, and one of them was a pure blues record. That's four albums in 28 years. Contrast that to the band's first 25 years, when they released a prolific 22 albums between 1964 and 1989.

Today when the Stones play live, they play the hits and the gems and the lost classics their fans love. They don't focus on songs from their latest album, because they know what their fans want from them.

Does your team understand exactly what your customers want from your brand? Are you trying to force new songs down their throat, or are you playing the hits they want to hear?  Successful brands - and bands - give their fans what they want. Nobody ever left a concert complaining that the band played all of the hits they love!