What Are You Really Selling?

When you go to see Coldplay, you get a bracelet to wear. That bracelet lights up in sync with the music, effectively making every fan in the venue into a part of the show.

That is an experience... not a concert.

Fans don't buy concert tickets. They buy the experience of being there in the flesh, witnessing history, and feeling the songs instead of just hearing them.

Fans don't download songs. They download the chance to sing along, feel great, and have something to transport them to another reality for a few minutes.

And your customers don't buy whatever it is you sell or provide! They buy the experience you or your product provide.

A great accountant provides the experience of knowing you aren't going to get haunted by the tax man for evasion, and that you've kept every penny you deserve.

Insurance provides you with the experience of knowing your family is looked after in the worst of times, should they happen.

An airline sells you the experience of walking into the arms of a loved one after a long time apart, or the experience of arriving hours later in somewhere new, exotic, and exciting.

Nobody ever had the urge to buy toothpaste, but everyone has the urge to have healthy white teeth and fresh kissable breath. 

When you stop thinking about what you sell, and start thinking about how you make your customers feel, you can create magic. That feeling is what is most important. Sell that feeling in your marketing! Stop talking about what you sell, and start talking about how you make me feel.