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Steve speaks on a variety of topics, including branding, marketing, sales, change management, and personal branding. For a look at some of Steve's more popular presentations, click here.

Here's what people are saying about Steve:

What can I say about Steve Jones? … well to give you an indication of his connection with the audience, after he closed his presentation to vibrant applause, he was approached by new ‘groupies’ lined up twenty to thirty deep, waiting for book autographs! Some people even took selfies with him! Steve was engaging, entertaining and knowledgeable. His content was universally relevant to customer-facing work and he further customized the presentation just for our group. His upbeat energy, sense of humour and humble demeanor endeared him to everyone, and the substance of his message really hit the mark – if we do something special to differentiate our service and delightfully surprise our clients, they will become loyal fans… it was the perfect keynote! People were talking about his session all day long.
— Moses Bar-Yoseph, TD Bank
Thank you again for being a part of our program last week in Charleston. It was a huge success. We’ve received a lot of compliments about you.
You did a terrific job of tailoring your remarks around banking. One of your first slides — “Fannie Mae vs. Maggie Mae” – really got things started off on the right track! You were very entertaining and had a strong message about branding and the customer experience.
— Brad Bradford, Regions Bank

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