Living Up To Brand Expectations


Anthony Weiner resigned from Congress this week, two weeks after his sexting scandal broke.

Until the scandal emerged, Weiner had a reputation as a passionate and hard-driving member of Congress. He was known for his powerful stance on health care and other social issues, as well as anti-terrorism steps. After voting to support the war in Iraq, Weiner gained a reputation for honesty when he later admitted that it was a mistake.

A few years earlier, President Bill Clinton was treated to oral sex in the Oval Office nine times from a 22 year-old intern and held on to the highest approval ratings of any president since World War II.

How can one person be brought down by sending inappropriate photos of himself, and another survive a sex scandal unlike any the political world had ever seen?

I think it has a lot to do with expectations.

Maybe we sort of expected that kind of behavior from notorious womanizer Bill Clinton. As wild as the allegations against him were, we weren’t all that surprised.  Weiner, on the other hand, was a newlywed with friends like Jon Stewart and a reputation for taking a strong stand on what is right and wrong. Maybe we expected more?

For example, Willie Nelson has been repeatedly arrested for marijuana possession. Nobody notices. If that happened to Taylor Swift, it could be a serious problem for her career.

Ozzy Osbourne bites the head off a bat, and it only enhances his reptuation. If Justin Beiber does it, the effect won’t be quite the same.

KFC can introduce the Double Down sandwich, and business goes up. If Chipotle creates a sandwich like that, they lose customers instantly.

When people expect something from your brand, you’d better live up to it.

Because when expectations aren’t met, bad things happen. Customers leave. Congressmen resign.

Do you really know what your customers expect from you?

Do you have the balls to live up to those expectations?

And the tougher question…

Do you have the balls to say no to opportunities that are temptingly profitable in the short term but damaging to your brand in the long-term?

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