When You Rock, The World Pays Attention


I am thrilled to share with you this little drawing by the wonderful Hugh MacLeod.

Hugh is the author of several books, including one that I keep on my Kindle at all times for those moments when I am in need of creative inspiration. That book is Ignore Everybody And 39 Other Keys To Creativity. It is the kind of book that reminds you that you aren’t as nuts as the world would sometimes have you believe you are. Hugh also created many of the images in one of my favorite books, Seth Godin’s Linchpin.

I am honored that Hugh created this cartoon specifically for the book Brand Like A Rock Star.

What I love most about Hugh’s work is his ability to distill complex thoughts into pithy phrases and images. In one or two lines, he can often capture the essence of an entire book, company, or concept.

That’s what he did with Brand Like A Rock Star.

Hugh successfuly answered the question “why would anyone want to be a rock star”?

The answer is simple.

Because… when you rock, the world pays attention.

Order Brand Like A Rock Star  in paperback or digital download now and start making your brand rock right away.


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