Pearl Jam: Growing Your Brand With Style

Hard to believe, but Pearl Jam is twenty.

Oscar-winner Cameron Crowe has made movie about the band to mark the milestone. It opens September 20 for a short run in selected theaters.

Pearl Jam is an interesting study in aging gracefully. They’ve continued to make great music through 20 years, always evolving their music while always maintaining their core sound.

One of the brilliant nuggets of business wisdom we can glean from Pearl Jam’s twenty years is that a brand can age and evolve successfully by growing within a consistent style.

Coke is over 100 years old, yet continues to evolve with a consistent style and feel.

Nike embodies a certain set of values, and they evolve within that value set.

McDonalds is on a multi-billion dollar renovation project to update their restaurants, but they update within the perimeters of their brand’s style.

* Strong brands are built on strong emotional connections with customers.

* Emotional connections only happen between living things. We don’t feel emotions toward inanimate objects.

* Strong brands have a distinct personality, giving them human qualities so that human beings can fall in love with them.

* Strong brands understand the personality of their company and never, ever stray from that personality.

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