Little Parts of Big Brands



Today I drove an iconic stretch of highway in eastern Canada, taking the Trans-Canada highway to historic Cape Breton Island. As you enter Cape Breton, something interesting happens. The road signs, previously only in English, appear in both English and traditional Gaelic.

Do a lot of people in Cape Breton speak Gaelic? Not any more. But Gaelic is part of the rich Scottish heritage of Cape Breton Island. That cultural heritage helped to build one of the biggest industries in this part of Canada… tourism.

There is a famous ATM in East London that offers you the choice of English or Cockney.

The Cayman Islands has only a very small part of its history linked to pirates, but manages to make the Pirate Festival a major annual attraction. Those are my boys posing with “Big Black Dick” in downtown George Town during the pirate takeover.

These little things are a big part of creating a brand identity.

What elements of your brand can you exploit to help create a brand identity?

What special part of your brand is unique to you? What cool story do you tell? There is something in there… you just need to find it. Even if it is a small part of your brand, it could play a big role in helping to create a stronger identity.

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(Photograph by Steve Jones)

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