Who Is Your Enemy? The Rolling Stones vs. The Beatles

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People tend to think there was a bitter rivalry between The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, but nothing could be further from reality.

The appearance of a rivalry was stoked by the marketing of Stones manager Andrew Oldham, who envisioned his band as edgier than the clean-cut Beatles. In the band’s early marketing he even used the headline “would you let your daughter marry a Rolling Stone?” to reinforce their bad boy image.

The Rolling Stones used The Beatles as their rival in order to establish clearly who they weren’t.


Target uses Walmart as their Beatles when they say “Expect more”. Walmart is about saving money, and Target wants to be perceived as quality-driven.

Lowes uses Home Depot as their Beatles when they advertise “Let’s build something together”. Home Depot is for the do-it-yourselfer. Lowes wants to reach people who are intimidated by doing it themselves.

What makes you different from your competition is your strongest marketing strategy.

If you’re an upstart business and you have the balls to do it, this is a powerful four-step tool

1. Identify the market leader.

2. Understand clearly why their customers love them.

3. Use those very attributes against them in your marketing.

4. Be clear, direct, and name names. Take no prisoners. Be relentless.

So who is your Beatles?

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