The Five P’s Of Personal Branding: Position

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Your personal brand is how people feel about you. As Jeff Bezos of Amazon once said, “your personal brand is what people say about you when you leave the room.” In other words, what emotional reaction do you have upon people? That emotion reaction begins with who you are.

There are 5 P’s to personal branding.

They form the framework for my upcoming book Start You Up: Rock Star Secrets To Unleash Your Personal Brand and Set Your Career on Fire. The book is scheduled to be published in May of 2014. The 5 P’s are:

1. Position

2. Presentation

3. Passion

4. Purpose

5. Profit

Today, we’ll look at POSITION.

Your personal brand “position” is your unique story.

Alice Cooper created a theatrical gothic anti-hero story.

Jimmy Buffett told the story of a beach bum busker from Key West.

Bruce Springsteen shared the story of a working-man from New Jersey.

Lady Gaga tells the story of a geeky arts and theatre student from New York City.

* Nearly every strong personal brand position is a story based on reality. Jimmy Buffett really did busk the streets of Key West for change, sleeping at night in a boat.

* If you’re faking it, we either discover the truth and call you out as a fraud, like Milli Vanilli or Lance Armstrong.

* Made-up stories not rooted in reality are only strong positions if we are in on the joke, such as 70s rockers Alice Cooper and Kiss, or EDM artists like Deadmau5 and Daft Punk.

* Strong stories relate to the universal experiences we all share. Many of us were bullied or didn’t fit in at school, like Lady Gaga. Most of us had to forge opportunity ourselves because we were born relatively poor, like Bruce Springsteen.

* Your unique story – your position – will only be useful to your personal brand if you share it and allow others to bond with you because of it. If you keep it to yourself, it isn’t nearly as valuable.

Next we will examine “presentation”, the art of telling your unique story.

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The Rob Ford Reality Show: Destroying A Powerful Personal Brand


The saga of Toronto’s crack-smoking mayor seems to get stranger by the day.

Rob Ford long-ago established himself as an everyday guy, and not an educated political elitist. He campaigned and won on conservative values, promising to end wasteful spending, cut red tape, and bring common sense to city politics.

His habit of saying politically incorrect things seemed to actually help his image instead of hurt it. He called an Italian-Canadian city councillor a “Gino-boy” and compared bicycle lanes on roads to swimming with sharks. He once observed how “Oriental people work like dogs” and that’s why “they’re slowly taking over” the city. Those types of comments were controversial, yet they further established his position as a regular guy who says regular stuff, not the refined politically-correct things you would expect from the leader of one of North America’s largest cities.

He has called constituents back personally, gave them his home phone number, and aired their concerns on his weekly radio show. He picked fights with the political left and blamed many accusations against him on a conspiracy from the left.  Rob Ford masterfully established himself as the guy-next-door that any conservative would love to have a beer with.

But lately it has all come crashing down.

After months denying the charges, Rob Ford admitted to smoking crack cocaine. Meanwhile, he has been accused of various other drug, prostitution, and alcohol-abuse related situations. Toronto city council has spent the past few days voting to systematically reduce his political power to the point where he is nothing but a figurehead.

Saving Rob Ford

Two weeks ago when Rob Ford appeared before the media to discuss his use of crack cocaine, he had an opportunity. He could have been contrite. He could have apologized honestly for his failings and announced that he would be taking a 60 day leave of absence to deal with his addictions. Imagine him coming back in two months, 25 pounds lighter and recovering from his addictions, walking up the steps to city hall in the same way Rocky Balboa did in the movie. For the political right, it would have been magical. It would have sealed his campaign victory in 2014.

There is no story more enduring or compelling than the classic comeback story.

Instead, he turned his so-called apology into the launch of his 2014 campaign. Instead of appearing contrite, he appeared defiant. He turned up the volume on rhetoric, threatening reporters and accusers with legal action. At a Canadian Football League game, he signed autographs and posed for pictures. At a press conference, he made a controversial comment about having “more than enough to eat at home” when accused of claiming to a staff member that he wanted to perform oral sex on a woman.

Instead of saving his political life, Rob Ford decided to take a the Here Comes Honey Boo Boo route. Rob Ford has turned himself into a train wreck of a reality show.

And in reality, he launched a new TV show on Canada’s right wing SUN-TV network called Ford Nation.

At a crossroads between being a politician and savoring his 15-minutes of fame, Rob Ford chose the 15-minutes.

Rob Ford cannot and will not win another election. Even though he has a large base of ardent supporters who are willing to ignore his personal misgivings, he cannot possibly win another election.

Rob Ford took the only road he could at that point, and became a real-life reality show.

The Rob Ford circus is far from over.

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Give Your Customers More Of What They Want



Roger Waters, one of the founding members of Pink Floyd, just wrapped up a three year world tour performing the classic Floyd album The Wall.  The tour grossed a total of $458,000,000 and played in 219 stadiums around the globe.

Roger Waters is a 70 year-old man who hasn’t made a new album in 22 years (although he is apparently working on one now).

The Rolling Stones have only made four new albums in the past 25 years, and they’ve been around for 50. That means nearly everything they created happened in the first half of their career.

AC/DC has give us just three new albums in the last two decades.

The normally prolific U2, who created six albums in the 1980s alone, have churned out five in the past twenty years.

Fleetwood Mac, who toured extensively last year, haven’t recorded a new album since 2003 and have delivered only four new albums in the past thirty years.

What do Roger Waters, The Rolling Stones, AC/DC, U2, and Fleetwood Mac know? After all, they are among the most successful live acts of our generation. They must be on to something.

They know what their fans want.

Give them the hits that they came to hear.

Your customers walk in your store, click on your website, or dial your number for a reason.

Don’t let them down by playing songs they don’t want to hear.

Develop a deep understanding of why they come to you, and carefully craft your offering so that you continue to serve that need.

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No Excuses: What Your Business Can Learn From Guns N Roses



The best-selling debut of all-time was recorded for $370,000 and sold 18 million copies in America.

Twenty-two years later, the same band would record an album for $13,000,000. It sold one million copies.

Guns N Roses Appetite For Destruction is all of the evidence you need to put away your excuses for greatness.

You don’t need money.

You don’t need clout.

You don’t need permission.

You just need to deliver something absolutely freaking phenomenal to the world tomorrow.

The album that came out twenty two years later, Chinese Democracy, is all of the evidence you need to stay hungry.

Don’t succumb to hype.

Don’t let your ego get in the way of your greatness.

Don’t confuse price with quality.

Appetite For Destruction was a lean record that came out with no expectations. It was full of energy and passion and raw emotion. Chinese Democracy was a decent album, but it was bloated and over-produced. It was saddled with empty hype, false starts, and an insane budget.

Maybe you don’t want to big budget and high expectations?

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