You Don’t Have To Be Big To Brand


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Entrepreneurs have told me that they aren’t interested in branding. Branding, they say, is for big guys like Coke, Apple, Ford, and Sony… not the little local guys.

Yet an entrepreneur in Boston can tell you about Pizzeria Regina in the North End, the best pizza in the city according to Yelp.

And the entrepreneur in Austin can give you directions to The Salt Lick BBQ in Driftwood, one of the best places to go for authentic Texas barbecue.

Regina’s and The Salt Lick are both little local guys, and they are both powerful brands in the city they call home.

Branding isn’t only for the big guys.

Branding is only for the smart guys.

Branding is only for every company that wants to create an experience for their customers.

Branding is only for every company that wants to turn those customers into raving fans.

Don’t be fooled. The size of your company has nothing to do with the need for you to build a strong and powerful rock star brand.

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Your Brand Is Everything You Are

rumours insert

Mick Fleetwood looked like he was dressed for a renaissance fair.

Stevie Nicks admits that she appeared to be headed to a Halloween party.

Christine MacVie dressed as if she was about to be christened in the church.

John MacVie looked like he was headed to the beach.

And Lindsey Buckingham looked ready to party with a giant afro and silk shirt.

That was Fleetwood Mac circa 1977, their immensely successful Rumours era.

The members of the band knew that their clothes were a part of their story. How they dressed and carried themselves was an essentially element of their brand.

Everything you do – what you wear, who you associate with, how you treat people – contributes to your brand. Whether it is your company’s brand or your personal brand, it requires perpetual attention.

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Four Steps To A More Powerful Brand

This is how you build a brand.

1. You clearly state and adhere to your core values, and you thrive on the notion that some people will won’t like you and what you stand for.

2. You create an experience for your customers and turn them into fans.

3. You give them something to talk about and share through word-of-mouth and social media.

4. You do things differently, because only different cuts through the clutter.

According to former KISS on-line marketing strategist Michael Brandvold, Gene Simmons once told him that the fastest way to success was to offend as many people as possible at once. Gene’s band KISS ranks as one of music’s legendary marketing machines.

Nobody ever creates a viable long term winner by having no core values, trying to please everyone, selling products and not experiences, and copying what everyone else is doing.

That’s one of the reasons that so many businesses fail!

Take a lesson from Hello Flo, and make a powerful statement.


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